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Gasification is a technological process that can convert any carbonaceous (carbon-based) raw material such as coal into fuel gas, also known as synthesis gas (syngas for short). Gasification occurs in a gasifier, generally a high temperature/pressure vessel where oxygen (or air) and steam are directly contacted with the coal or other feed material causing a series of chemical reactions to occur that convert the feed to syngas and ash/slag (mineral residues). Syngas is so called because of its history as an intermediate in the production of synthetic natural gas. Composed primarily of the colorless, odorless, highly flammable gases carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen (H2), syngas has a variety of uses. The syngas can be further converted (or shifted) to nothing but hydrogen and carbon dioxide (CO2) by adding steam and reacting over a catalyst in a water-gas-shift reactor. When hydrogen is burned, it creates nothing but heat and water, resulting in the ability to create electricity with no carbon dioxide in the exhaust gases. Furthermore, hydrogen made from coal or other solid fuels can be used to refine oil, or to make products such as ammonia and fertilizer. More importantly, hydrogen enriched syngas can be used to make gasoline and diesel fuel. Polygeneration plants that produce multiple products are uniquely possible with gasification technologies. Carbon dioxide can be efficiently captured from syngas, preventing its greenhouse gas emission to the atmosphere and enabling its utilization (such as for Enhanced Oil Recovery) or safe storage.

Gasification Solutions focuses on adding value to municipal and regional economies, utilizing  technology as a tool for power cogeneration, reducing demands on municipal landfill and economic utilization of surplus wood fiber. Renewable Energy, waste to Energy, solar energy and more.

We Think Ahead

We integrate systems and technologies, with the most advanced technologies available to deliver more reliable and efficient energy projects. Our global platform is our strength.

Gasification insures not only a cost effective and environmentally friendly power, but also provide a unique tool for cities, counties and corporations to act as stewards to the environment, reclaiming vital resources otherwise lost to the by-products of human and industrial waste.

Gasification is gaining in popularity and may join wind and hydropower in the pantheon of clean, renewable energy.  Gasification, a set of chemical reactions that uses limited oxygen to convert a carbon-containing feedstock into a synthetic gas, or syngas.

It sounds like combustion, but it's not. Combustion uses an abundance of oxygen to produce heat and light by burning. Gasification uses only a tiny amount of oxygen, which is combined with steam and cooked under intense pressure. This initiates a series of reactions that produces a gaseous mixture composed primarily of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. This syngas can be burned directly or used as a starting point to manufacture fertilizers, pure hydrogen, methane or liquid transportation fuels.

What we offer is a complete solution to our modern day problems. We even go as far as providing drinking water wherever our plants are located


The waste-to-energy technology will cleanly convert small and large scale levels of tons per day of blended waste including wood, scrap tires and sewer sludge into a fuel gas that will generate electricity. In a small scale solution of up to 64 tons per day of blended waste, the gasification process could generate 300 kilowatts-hour of electricity. This estimated output would be subject to the organic composition of the blended waste, the caloric energy available in the waste, sustained input power from alternative connected solar micro-grids, etc

Energy-from-Waste (EfW or waste-to-energy) facilities offer a safe, technologically advanced means of waste disposal while also generating clean, renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting recycling through the recovery of metals. According to a 2012 whitepaper released by Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), energy-from-waste facilities "are economically sound investments that provide multiple financial and environmental benefits to the communities that utilize them."

How EfW Works

1. Municipal waste is delivered to our facilities and stored in a bunker.
2. The waste is transferred to a combustion chamber where self-sustaining combustion is maintained at extremely high temperatures. We maintain the building around the tipping and bunker area under negative pressure and use this air in the combustion process to control odor.
3. The heat from the combustion process boils water.
4. & 5. The steam from the boiling water is used directly, or more frequently, the steam drives a turbine that generates electricity.
6. Electricity is distributed to the local grid.
7. Ash from combustion is processed to extract metal for recycling. It is then combined with residue from the air pollution control process (see items 9 and 10).
8. The combined ash is either disposed of in a monofill (where only ash is stored) that receives only that waste, used as cover material at a conventional landfill, or landfilled with other waste.
9. All gases are collected, filtered and cleaned before being emitted into the atmosphere. We manage gas from the combustion process with state-of-the-art air pollution control technology that operates to state and federal standards.
10. Control emissions of particulate matter primarily through a baghouse (fabric filter).
11. Monitor criteria and other pollutants and operating parameters to ensure compliance with permit conditions.




We are so pleased with the biomass generator that was designed, installed and being maintained by your company. You have really surpassed our expectations. You have set yourself apart from the competition with the level of service you provide. You are an environmentally conscious company an it shows in all your practices

David Chapman Gasification Technology

We own a dairy farm in the middle of the country. We had a huge problem dealing with waste. We contacted gasification solutions for a way to utilize the waste to generate energy and save. We have implemented a biomass gasification solution with the help of this company. We were able to reduce waste and […]

Jim Mickler Biomass Gaisifcatio

Thank you for all your help and assistance over the years with your products. I will not hesitate to use your services again and to recommend you to others. The Solar Energy solution you have designed was exactly what we needed to provide energy at our remote site

Mark Snow monocrystalline Panels

Our Company has been buying solar energy products with this renewable energy supplier for a few years. The are the most reliable partners. Their solar energy, wind energy and biomass energy solutions are extremely efficient. Add to that the Water treatment option that was introduced.

Martin Gasification Solutions


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