Waste Gasification Process

Waste to Energy Waste Gasification process can convert materials normally considered waste into energy and valuable products. Thousands of tons of a potential source of energy are away every day. Most of the waste that we discard from our homes and businesses every day. Non-recyclable plastics, construction debris, used tires, household trash, and sewage  contains […]

How Plasma Converters Work

Remember the scene in Back to the Future where Doc Brown throws garbage into Mr. Fusion, powering his time machine? While household fusion is still in the realm of science fiction, we might be closer than you think to generating electricity for our homes using trash, and plasma waste converters will do the job. At […]

Reverse Osmosis

It is important to protect drinking water from contamination for public health, economic, and environmental reasons.  Contamination of water has many effects that we tend to ignore. Water is necessary to all living things. It makes up approximately 70% of the human body’s weight and plays a role in its functions, such as digestion and […]